Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Call of hummer

Over the years of his consummated fear took the form of an extraordinary creature That would even challenge Darwin's evolutionary theory. He called it by the name ' Hummer ' - The creature from beyond

He portrayed (dictated) it like this

" I ….. i am having nightmares of a creature and it felt so real as it was actually happening.
There i was in a place, standing on top of a hill gazing at the sky .All of a sudden it happened.
The sky began to break open a dark whirl portal that would put me in a state of having vertigo
From there it came the horror, the creature humming .

Its voice beyond of my tolerance At that moment i thought that my head will burst into pieces. 

The creature…… it had the giant feathery dark greenish wings like birds .Its fluffy body with bumps reminds me of caterpillar kind and it had exaggerated limbs that would make it more disgraceful. Its eyes were pale white, as it were, blinded for years And… and above all it had that terrible humming voice that was trying to communicate .
I fear it wants me to open the doorway to our dimension and my mind is its medium. It  won't stop that intolerable humming noise until I say yes…… YES….. YES… YES.. "

What if he is telling the truth.Is the ' Hummer ' really exist? Or Is it just another side of what we call ' Hysteria 

Truth remains mystery

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