Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Krampus Clown and his fiendish helpers


On a cold snowy Christmas Eve 
Stage that all dressed up in Red
Clown and his little mates started their show
With the same old no sense jokes

One rolled over other.Others felled over the clown
As the time passed, show got worse.
Crowd pretends to laugh , but fails.
Clowns slapstick act was too awkward for his age.

From the crowd a boy stood up and said
" Too Old ... Too Old , he is too Old
This Oldie Old can't give us laughs anymore. "

Boy's words suddenly silenced the whole scene
It broke the old clown heart. So as the little clowny mates.
Clown's face frowned in anger and pain
He pointed at the boy and yelled 
" This Boy ! This Boy has got no manners you see
Should be punished in any means i say "

Then a girl stood up from the crowd and repeated after the boy
" Too Old ... Too Old , You're too Old
You Oldie Old Can't give us laughs anymore "

Boys after boys , Girls after girls
repeated the words that hurts
" Too Old ... Too Old , You're too Old
You Oldie Old Can't give us laughs anymore "

Curtains went down and silenced the crowd
Clown and his little mates stood still in shock.
Boy's  word's ranged around his ears
Made him tired......made him weak

Old clown murmured  to himself
" No more .... no more ....  I can't  act no more
They broke my Spirit
They broke my Humor
I Quit i say .... I Quit i say "

The little mates circled round the clown and hugged him tight . 
" O master .... O master
Don't leave us our master
You're our bread , you're  our wine
Without you , our life would be a disaster "

Old Clown's eyes turned Red . His voice turned hard.
" Those Children ! They should be punished.
If i can't give them laughs , I cant give them FEAR 
From now on i promise i wont be the old clown
I shall be KRAMPUS the demon that children fears "

You ... you my friends shall be my helpers
Together we will find the naughty 
and punish them to do what's right "

The little mates danced to his music
" Yes master ........ Yes master
We will follow your sight our master
Together we will find the naughty 
and punish them to do what's right "

From that day on every year of Christmas Old clown and his little mates began haunting the children who were in their naughty list. Clown's psychotic approach to movement gradually caused him to lose his mind understanding who is naughty and who is nice.

© Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Nexus of Crisis Aka ( Go-Devil Boogie ) Cover

BADMOON appears as
New Cover for  GO-DEVIL BOOGIE  by Doc Solammen for Necro Publications
Design by David G. Barnett of Fat Cat Graphic Design.

Many thanks to David G. Barnett ( Evil writerNecro Publications
 for this wonderful opportunity

More about the Book

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Roar in the sky

Those roars ............ they weren't just a myth
All those years and years of research finally answered his call 
He saw it ........ the divine work of GOD

© Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2015