Friday, October 25, 2013

The red lady

The Red lady Aka The Red Ghost

According to local folklore "the red lady" is tormented spirit of a young lady who was brutally murdered by her husband on their wedding night.It is said that her vengeful spirit killed her husband draining his blood which turned her immortal form to "red in colour".But she didn't stop there .She continued her killing spree on young men on their wedding night surrounded the area where she had lived .

It is said that her remains where buried in old cemetery in the woods .Her gravestone has no records of who she is , when she was born or died. It is engraved that" The remains of The Red lady is buried here".

There have been reports that Skulls and bones of missing young men where found here near her grave stone .There also have been reported sightings of her ghost around the area at night.

Maybe its just another Myth or maybe The red lady really exists
The truth behind The red lady ( Aka The red ghost ) still remains a Mystery

Stay scared 
Happy Halloween

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SANS Entertainment 2013

Screaming skulls

On Judgement day.
They shall rise.The Otherside of holy spirit
The Avatar Know as "SCREAMING SKULLS".
I guess you guys don't wish to see this one, Right!

Stay scared

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SANS Entertainment 2013


In dark and silent halloween nights
When Clock that rings at twelve midnight
Can hear that cat, wails as newborn child
Those who follows the cat screams might
Meet her figure , that horror in sight

With a cat in her lap, she rocks to and fro
As if she were mentally ill or so
She casts some spells, that rangs echos
One who dares to look at her blazing eyes
Would turn to a cat, at that sight

                                 - Sanskarans

Happy Halloween 2013
Stay scared 

© Sanskarans
SANS Entertainment 2013