Sunday, March 24, 2013


STARLINE91 Aka STAR91 ( Watch Tower )

Concept :

"StarLineWatchtowers" is the most advanced military technology planted by the government inorder to serve mankind.These hovering military Watchtowers is a combo of U.S,Russian and Japanese high-end technologies.Star undergoes service to protect the world from both natural and alien threats.
Best of the trained Military professionals from all over the world are committed to do service under these government system.They are officially re-named as " S.T.A.R " Peace keeping co-operation ".
Total 100 of these hovering watchtowers are planted all over the world. Amoung them ' STAR91' is best known for its service.
There ain't no future without STARLINES 
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SANS Entertainment 2013

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Apophis 2029

Great to say that one of my work appears in John ventres newly published book " Apophis 2029 "
You can have the sample of the book HERE  HERE
Thanks to John J. Ventre ( MUTUAL UFO NETWORK )

ABOUT THE BOOK: Every 7 years a level 4 asteroid on the Torino scale, Apophis, orbits closer 
toward earth. Tracking satellites have been turned off, seed and DNA banks are full, the 
government believes the people can't handle the truth. The event triggers a domino effect of 
clues like the Da Vinci Code, that leads to the origin of the species. This free wheeling 
novel is like a fun theme park ride of disaster, religion, evolution and alternative 
history. Is Apophis the reason the US $17 Trillion debt never really mattered?

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