The purgator

" As i alighted into this world of oblivion
I could feel the numbness and weight enveloping my body,pulling me down to an unfathomable depths.Soon there was a ballad of screams of those in agony and pain, which compelled me to open my eyes.But when I did , I found myself lying naked on the pile of gaunt, squirming, reeking, loathsome creatures of humankind.

In a infinitesimal flash, I saw an appalling figure with immaculate physique, draped in red cloak, started to descend from the crimson sky.
It had held something, like a pole or spear which was hard to reckon.
Its countenance was horrifically pale , sunken and sallow.It had its lower jaw exaggeratedly wide opened ; the eyes were shallow , even-though it meld the fierce expression of both sadness and hatred, and a hunger to inflict pain, were more horrifying in whole.

A great length of inconceivable terror started to buildup in me.
I could sense similar fear in my inmates as they wriggle under me , when this ominous entity came closer ... and closer

And then it happened ...

I felt a sudden thud , a thunderous impact, spreading its feathery ashened Wings, the thing had its pole pierce right through my guts.

A relentless intolerable pain, something beyond, that i had never felt in my human form forced me to join the ballad :song of the dead.

I felt my body began to burn, squirm and desiccate, before this HORROR   , when it spoke the final word ' SINNER '  "

This is a depiction of Hades, experienced by a man who had undergone near-death experiance.It is said that , the man who recovered from the stage was highly delusional and in hysterical state.He often feared to go to sleep , stating that the entity haunted in his sleep.
This state made his condition even worse and had only fifteen days lifespan after recovery.

‘ World University Of Psychiatry and Brain Research ‘ made a thorough study on his case, but kept the project classified, due to its highly graphical manifestation.  

It was later found that the man was actually a notorious serial killer who called himself " The Devil ", who was responsible for random unsolved murder cases.

In an occasion revealed he this by himself

GOD! Please forgive me for the things I have done
Forgive me for the souls I claimed .
Please forgive me for challenging your rights
Cause I now know that I am not the ' Devil ' ..... I saw the real one "

Do you believe in Heaven and Hell ?.
If you do stay scared ;)

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