Friday, March 9, 2018

Tyrant of the unknown

July 20 / 1968
For the past 5 years me and my fellowmen were working on a mission to break galactic barrier to reach the distant universe. Two months ago we actually did this by sending our special exploratory ship STAR86 carrying a crew of six men to the remote planet known as HECTOR.Captain Adam Reeves was the main man arranged for the trip to explore planet HECTOR.

We had the full report on the planet’s climatic conditions .We found that it was rich in oxygen, vegetation, water, minerals ie very similar to that of ours .So we were perfectly sure that there might be a chance of Alien Life and Captain Reeves would be the first man to witness the kind
This were the worst happened.

24 hours after breaking galactic barrier the ship safely landed on surface of planet HECTOR.
We anxiously waited for the radio contact from the crew and thanks to modern hi-tech devices fixed to our astronauts helmets, we could receive the video signals directly to our monitoring devices.

And we did.......we did got an eight second video transmission from Revees . A glimpse of some extraordinary creatures devouring and devastating the living .....that we believe to be planet’s true inhabitants . Soon there were screams of our fellow men....signals broke.No radio contact.

Adam Reeves and his crew never returned.

According to our new reports HÈCTOR is a now a vegetation no..Nothing . But there are presence ..presence of that unknown tyrants
What are  those did they get there.. what was their purpose of invasion.  Yet to be answered . 

All i could say that, we lost our best men. Now it’s my turn turn to face the truth

- John testfield (scientist, Aerospace engineer , Astronaut ,Test pilot ) (National Aerospace and Space administration centre / Testfield ) 
* Imagery vision of creature From the John's  personal files undisclosed 

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